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Hi, it's Stephan Erdman here. You may have seen me on youtube or people may have told you about me...maybe you've even already joined my in depth newsletter at for now I recommend you read this first before you take in the great content of this blog. Reading this first will help you make the most of all the great videos here. you're probably here to figure out if you could get better at the one thing that really freaks a lot of guys out the most: Talking To Women. Specifically talking to women without turning them off or coming off like a jerk. And actually connecting with women, flirting at will and in fact seducing women with words. For that you're in the right place.

I say that because my Pimp Your Lingo Advanced Conversation Skills For Men Training is a program that's been teaching men the skills of connecting, attracting and seducing women in conversation...And the blog posts you're seeing below were part of the first launch of my program. I left them up for you to enjoy for free. (to be a part of the new launch please go here Talking To Women Tips. It also includes a 1 hour interview with myself where I share in depth strategies about how to attract women in conversations.)

But for now feel free to watch the videos here (I suggest starting with the 3 myths video) download the report. They will give you a lot of valuable ideas, methods and secrets that will give you skills other guys can only dream about.

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Aidan said...

 "I am really enjoying the program and the way it is delivered is enjoyable, like the way you tease your friends a lot using the different techniques, only got through a few of the connection factors and am implementing them but the techniques are working!! Thanks. Really enjoyed listening to the overview of inner game as it really makes sense.

Kevin said...

"The program has already taught me how to listen and speak more effectively. I try to listen to a few tracks each day and implement them the next. By using the techniques I can remember so much more of what the person said than I used to. It even makes me feel less self-conscious since I'm practicing exercising the techniques and not paying attention to how my face looks or whatever. It's great fun to apply these techniques actually. I believe your program is well worth the money. It is more effective and less money than any class on charisma."

Christian said:

"Pimp Your Lingo is fantastic. I got it about 2 weeks ago and I've been taking it slowly, but it's really opening up my mind to everything. I always have one of the cds playing in the car. Thanks for the fantastic program! Great job!"

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